acceptchanges(accepted the change)

acceptchanges(accepted the change)

acceptchanges(accepted the change)


/ əkˈsept; əkˋsɛpt/ v.

(1) take (sth offered) willingly 欣然接受(他人提供的事物):

accept a gift 接受礼物

accept a piece of advice 接收劝告

accept an apology 接受道歉

(2) say yes to (an offer, invitation, etc.) 接受(提议﹑ 邀请等):

She offered him a lift and he accepted (it). 她请他坐她的车, 他就领情了。

* He proposed marriage and she accepted (him). 他向她求婚, 她就同意了。

(3) receive (sth / sb) as adequate or suitable 接收, 收取(某事物); 接受(某事物[某人]):

Will you accept a cheque? 你收支票吗?

* The machine only accepts 10p coins. 这机器只收10便士的硬币。

* The college I applied to has accepted me. 我报了名的学院已经录取我了.

(4) be willing to agree to (sth) 同意, 认可, 赞同(某事物):

accept the judge’s decision 同意法官的判决

* I accept the proposed changes. 我赞成所提出的变动.

(5) take upon oneself (a responsibility, etc.) 承担(责任等):

He accepts blame for the accident, i.e. agrees that it was his fault. 他承认那事故是他的错.

* You must accept the consequences of your action.


(6) accept sth (as sth): take sth as true; believe sth 认为某事物属实; 相信某事物:

I cannot accept that he is to blame.


* We do not accept your explanation / what you have said.


* Can we accept his account as the true version?

acceptchanges(accepted the change)


* It is an accepted fact, i.e. something that everyone thinks is true. 这是公认的事实。

(7) treat (sb/sth) as welcome 欢迎(某人[某事物]):

He was never really accepted by his classmates. 他同班同学从未真正把他当作自己人。


1. Please accept my belated birthday present. 请接受我这份迟到的生日礼物。

2. Accept my thanks for your handsome present. 厚赠佳物,特此致谢。

3. Eventually Sam persuaded her to accept an offer of marriage. 最终萨姆说服她接受了求婚。

4. I do not accept that there is any kind of crisis in British science. 我不相信英国科学界有什么危机。

5. The Council will meet to decide if it should accept his resignation. 委员会将召开会议决定是否接受他的辞呈。

6. She is too independent to accept charity. 她很强调自力更生,不肯接受赈济。

7. People will accept suffering that can be shown to lead to a greater good. 如果能证明眼前的苦难会带来更大的好处,人们就会愿意承受。

8. We advised newspapers not to accept the advertising. 我们建议报社不要承接这项广告。

9. She offered him a lift and he accepted. 她请他坐她的车,他就领情了。

10. I regret to say I can’t accept your suggestion. 很遗憾,我不能接受你的建议。

11. He has accepted our invitation. 他已经接受了我们的邀请。

12. The astronaut accepts danger as being part of the job. 航天员承认他们的工作中包含着危险。

13. I’ve received a gift from him, but I’m not going to accept it. 我收到了他送的礼物,但是我不准备接受。

14. He wouldn’t accept that smoking was detrimental to health. 他不相信吸烟有害健康。

15. I don’t accept that the firm will go bankrupt. 我不相信公司会破产。

16. Silence is golden. Just don’t say anything; otherwise the situation could become worse. I do, however, accept constructive criticism. When we cool off, we will discuss it later. 沉默是金。不必说什么,否则情况更糟,不过我会接受建设性的批评。我会等大家冷靜下来再讨论。

17. You must accept that you’re the creator of your life and that no one is coming to rescue you. 你必须承认自己是生活的创造者,没有人会来拯救你。

18. You do not accept, I will not give you supply. 你不接受,我就不给你供货。

19. Management of each activity is expected to accept this responsibility as an important priority and to commit the necessary resources. 对每个活动的管理都希望能把这种责任放在重要的首位和作为必须的资源。

20. For interracial marriage, some people do not accept this and think it is wrong. 关于跨人种婚姻,有些人不能接受并且认为这是错误的。

21. And that’s why all nations must now accept their share of responsibility for transforming the way that we use energy. 因此,我们所有国家必须承担各自的责任,改变我们使用能源的方式。

22. Every time someone comes to me complaining I can choose to accept their complaining or I can point out the positive side of life. 每次有什么人找我来抱怨,我可以选择接受他们的抱怨,也可以选择向他指出生活的积极面。

23. Urban dwellers often accept noise as part of city life. 城市居民常将噪音当成城市生活的一部分。

24. My grandparents have never had a problem accepting me. 我的祖父母从来都是无条件地接受我。

25. Many men still have difficulty accepting a woman as a business partner. 许多男性仍然无法接受女性商业伙伴。

26. The company cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage. 公司不承担丢失或损坏的责任。

27. Don’t automatically accept the solicitor / səˈlɪsɪtə(r); səˋlɪsətɚ/(事务律师) recommended by the broker(经纪人). 别想当然地就接受中间人推荐的诉状律师。

28. If someone’s body accepts a transplanted organ, the organ becomes part of the body and starts to function normally. 如果一个人接受了移植器官,器官会变成身体的一部分并开始发挥正常功能。

29. Do you accept credit card? 你们接受信用卡支付吗?

30. We’ve offered her the job, but I don’t know whether she’ll accept it.我们把这份工作给了她,但是我不知道她会不会接受。

31. I’ve just accepted an invitation to the opening-night party. 我刚刚接受了参加首映晚会的邀请。

32. Your old clothes will be gratefully accepted by jumble sale organizers. 义卖组织者将很高兴接受你的旧衣物。

33. It’s a lovely ring, but I can’t accept it. 这是一枚很可爱的戒指,但我不能收。

34. He accepted our invitation to stay for the weekend. 他接受了我们的邀请,周末留了下来。

35. I accepted his offer of a permanent job. 我接受了他提供的一份固定工作。

36. All those invited to next week’s peace conference have accepted. 受邀参加下周和平会议的人都答应参加。

37. He couldn’t accept our suggestions but our gifts. 他们不能接受我们建议但接受了我们的礼品。

38. She was very glad to accept the invitation. 她非常愉快地接受了邀请。

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